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Tailor made quality
and business training to healthcare providers.

Where doctors and nurses are generally very passionate and knowledgeable about the medical services they provide, they often lack business acumen and solid insights into their financials.

A public private partnership..

by PharmAccess Foundation and Medical Credit Fund, with educational institutions in Kenya (Strathmore Business School) , Ghana (Medical and Dental Council) and Nigeria (Enterprise Development Centre of Pan-Atlantic University) aim to offer robust health management programs for healthcare professionals, designed to develop and enhance their business skills.

Healthcare Management Programs in Kenya

PharmAccess Foundation and Strathmore Business School have joined forces to design healthcare management courses and hands-on support, bringing together theory and practice, experience and ambition; all with the purpose of realizing lasting improvements to your healthcare business.

The courses combine the established strength of business leadership, management and entrepreneurship courses with unique healthcare modules. They build on the experience of participants, using real life case studies, presented by key experts.

We believe in an integrated approach, therefore we offer courses at two different levels:



1. The Executive Managing Healthcare Business Course is designed for experienced, academically schooled, healthcare managers in public and private healthcare facilities, with a view to deepening their management knowledge and expertise and applying learnings to their healthcare facility. The course is divided into four modules of four days, spanning a period of eight months.

2. The Foundations of Managing Healthcare Business Course is a five day introduction course designed as a bridge to the Execu- tive Course, for managers with a few years of experience in the field, aspiring an advanced career in healthcare management. The Foundations course introduces the key foundations for sound healthcare management. It follows the same curriculum as the Executive Course but in a more concise mode.

Healthcare Management Programs in Nigeria

For anyone working in the healthcare sector, delivering the best possible care is key. At the same time, quality healthcare is much broader than patient care alone. Today’s most successful healthcare professionals are also knowledgeable in essential business and management principles. Whether you are running your own practice or managing others in a hospital, clinic, pharmacy or healthcare delivery organization, you must be able to effectively lead the people around you, understand the financial landscape, create budgets and navigate the regulatory environment. Therefore, PharmAccess Foundation and Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) partnered to develop the Health Management Program (HMP) to build the capacity of healthcare professionals in the key areas of quality, business, finance and inventory management.




The HMP is a Certificate Program for Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria and West Africa. The program has been designed by the PharmAccess group and Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan-Atlantic University in order to support holistic, professional business development for health professionals in Nigeria. The certificate program aims to provide professionals in the healthcare industry with the basic knowledge and skills needed to manage people, processes and programs efficiently.

A short film on the program in Nigeria..

PharmAccess has been working in the Nigeria healthcare sector for over 9 years. In the course of executing projects, we realized that there is a lot of capacity for the personnel to be able to manage the facilities as businesses. Therefore, we thought it was important for us that we developed a curriculum in partnership with a credible business school that would teach healthcare professionals to run their hospitals as businesses. – Njide Ndili

Healthcare Management Programs in Ghana

Healthcare professionals need management skills in order to ensure a profitable business in the healthcare system. Therefore, we recognize the importance of supporting healthcare professionals in improving their skills in the areas of business planning, quality management, leadership, financial and inventory management, thus strengthening their capacity to build sustainable businesses.




The healthcare management program in Ghana is designed for medical officers of all grades; specialists, consultants and also current and potential health business owners seeking to improve their management knowledge on various topics. The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) trainings have been accredited by the Medical and Dental Council of Ghana.

Testimonials from our graduates


“Now, in developing my growth strategy I am acting on the lessons learned from case studies in the course. I have also acquired knowledge on how to raise capital, with equity and funding. It has been very beneficial to listen to the coach’s feedback and tap his experience.”


– Dr. Maxwell Okoth, Manager Ruai Family Healthcare Centre

”Both the Foundations and Executive MHB were very helpful for me especially as a manager. I learnt how to look at challenges strategically and look out for opportunities in every obstacle.”


– Silas Kisang, Hospital Administrator at Cherangany Nursing Home

”I did the course after my boss had attended and since then we have been able to reason at the same level when making decisions, the execution runs more effectively because we are both reading from the same script.”


– Margaret Okiro, Hospital Manager at Siloam Hospital

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