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Insights of the world’s leading impact investors

Just in - the 2019 Annual Impact Investor Survey, in which MCF participated. The survey presents the insights of 266 of the world’s leading impact investors. It provides data on capital allocations, investment performance, topics like impact measurement and management, and trends analysis of growth and changes over the past four years.

  • jun 21, 2019

One of its key findings is the popularity of SDG goals as a key investment metric. Impact investors around the world target a variety of SDG-aligned impact themes. Nearly 75% of investors target ‘decent work and economic growth,’ and more than half target each of ‘no poverty,’ ‘reduced inequalities,’ ‘good health and well-being,’ and ‘affordable and clean energy’.


Over 80% of respondents to the GIIN’s Annual Impact Investment Survey indicated contributing toward the various actions recommended in the GIIN’s Roadmap for the Future of Impact Investing. 

Learn about how investors are already taking action in the 2019 Annual Impact Investor Survey here.