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Healthcare financing gets a boost as Medical Credit Fund launches MCF Digital Loans in Ghana

Accra, Ghana, 26 September 2023: The Medical Credit Fund (MCF), a leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare providers in sub-Saharan Africa, is launching its groundbreaking MCF Digital Loan product in Ghana today, making healthcare financing more accessible.

  • Sep 27, 2023

The launch event takes place at Asante Hall, Alisa hotel, Accra. This event marks the official launch of the MCF digital loan product in Ghana and is expected to be a significant milestone for the healthcare sector development in the country.

Following the tremendous success of the MCF Digital Loan in Kenya, where more than 6,000 MCF Digital Loans have been disbursed, MCF is now expanding its footprint and bringing accessible and affordable healthcare financing to healthcare providers in Ghana and beyond. The MCF Digital Loan is being launched in conjunction with PharmAccess’ partner Kowri, a prominent digital platform in Ghana. Through the Kowri all-encompassing digital app the MCF Digital Loans are disbursed. The MCF Digital Loan has been developed with the support of the Philips Foundation.

“The launch event is a momentous occasion for the Medical Credit Fund and all other stakeholders in the health eco-system,” said Joseph Hansen-Addy, MCF director Ghana. “We would like to invite all health SMEs and other businesses in the eco-system to investigate this opportunity and explore how MCF Digital Loans can help you finance the next step in improving the quality of healthcare and help you expand your business.”

By simplifying the loan application process and leveraging advanced technology, MCF ensures that healthcare providers can focus on what they do best – delivering quality healthcare to their communities. The MCF Digital Loan product has several unique features, including:

  • An easy and fast application process: healthcare providers can apply for loans conveniently through their mobile phones, via a user-friendly digital platform, reducing paperwork and processing time.
  • There is no conventional collateral required: future transactions serve as a guarantee. Automated repayment: through deductions from your incoming transactions.
  • Competitive interest rates: MCF offers competitive interest rates, keeping healthcare financing accessible for healthcare providers.

MCF’s dedicated team of experts is available to provide guidance and support throughout the loan application and repayment process.

Medical Credit Fund in Ghana has already disbursed and will continue to disburse MCF Term Loans to its client base, private health facilities in Ghana. The MCF clients vary from hospitals and clinics to diagnostic centers, laboratories, medical equipment vendors, pharmaceutical retailers, wholesalers, and any other business within the health sector.
“We kindly ask you to spread the word about this unique finance opportunity for health SMEs and join us in making inclusive health markets a reality,” said Joseph Hansen-Addy, MCF director Ghana.