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The Medical Credit Fund is a non-profit health investment fund. It supports private healthcare facilities in Africa obtaining capital to strengthen and upgrade their operations in order to enhance access to affordable quality healthcare.  MCF was founded in 2009 by PharmAccess International.

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ISQus _I

The third edition of SafeCare standards has been re-accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). ISQua is a global organization responsible for assessing the standards of organizations that set the benchmarks in health care safety and quality.

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The Medical Credit Fund is a hybrid investment fund. It attracts public and private grants and capital. Grants are applied to finance the technical assistance programs. Capital is used to finance loans and guarantees and to maintain modest default and currency risk facilities.


SafeCare supports the clinics by measuring their performance at different stages in the MCF program. SafeCare guides them in a step-wise quality improvement program towards internationally recognized quality levels. The clinics' achievements are acknowledged through certification. 

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Medical Credit Fund clinics are private healthcare facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa located in urban or rural areas. They are run by a medical practitioner and provide basic primary healthcare to local surrounding low-income comminities, including HIV/Aids Care and Maternal and Child Health.

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Healthcare in Africa

Sub-Sahara Africa accounts for 11% of the world's population, 24% of the global disease burden and bears 44% of the world's communicable diseases.  Nearly half of the world's deaths of children under five take place in Africa. Yet, less than 1% of the global health expenditure is spent on the continent. Because public resources are severely limited, the private sector plays a significant role in providing healthcare. However, its potential is not fully utilized.

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