Personal insight with Dr. Hassan Ahmad of Bonde La Mpunga Dispensary in Tanzania

“The number of patients is increasing day after day due to our good services offered to clients”

23 July 2012

Through the MCF program the facility first improved its administrative capacity, after which it was able to receive a loan of 19 million shilling (EUR 9386). With the renovation the partitioning of the dispensary was improved, all floors were tiled and the entrance was completely changed and enhanced.

In addition, the dispensary now has running water, safe electricity and an incinerator, good partitioning and tiled rooms.

Doctor Hassan Ahmad: "The number of patients is increasing day after day due to our good services offered to clients. Our environment now is cleaner through the renovated building. Now we serve up to even 60 patients a day. Before renovations this was around 20. Many people from the community have expressed their appreciation for the new situation to me"

 " We used the MCF loan for renovation and administration for the clinic together with quality improvement. To improve our services, apart from the renovations, we contracted a gynecologist who comes here on Saturdays. He works at a nearby private hospital where a consult costs more than 30,000 shilling (almost 15 euro). Here we charge 5,000 shilling (almost 2, 50 euro) for women to see him."

 Dr. H. Ahmad is visited frequently by the technical assistance partner APHFTA for training and technical assistance. APHFTA for instance trained the doctor and staff members on diabetes, HIV/AIDS and on setting up an administration for the finances. APHFTA supported them to get a loan through the MCF program. "Before we could apply for the loan we had to make our bookkeeping in order. Once that was done we made a plan with a contractor and sent it to APHFTA and later to the bank. We have now developed a good relationship with the bank that provided the loan and have repaid more than half of our loan. Their staff came to survey the clinic and educate the accountant to keep the records and control the money."


Pictures before renovation:


Pictures after renovation/ investment: