The Medical Credit Fund is a hybrid investment fund. It attracts public and private grants and capital. Grants are applied to finance the technical assistance programs. Capital is used to finance loans and guarantees and to maintain modest default and currency risk facilities.

The Medical Credit Fund's primary objective is to increase the delivery of affordable quality healthcare services by reducing the investment risk. To achieve this objective, the Medical Credit Fund provides performance-based financing in combination with technical support to eligible private primary healthcare providers, two programs that are interlinked: the Technical Assistance (TA) program and the Finance program. In addition, the selected health facilities participate in a medical and business quality improvement program which will strengthen their business case and debt servicing capacity, and reduce credit and medical risk.

The TA program contains quality improvement and business planning while the Finance program provides access to loans. The MCF intends to create a diversified portfolio of investment facilities to different types of healthcare providers, spread over different countries in the region. The MCF initially focuses on Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, expanding further into Sub-Sahara Africa.

One of the key investor considerations of the Medical Credit Fund is the development impact of its activities. Impact will be achieved in three key performance areas; in the financial, medical and social area. They allow the MCF to develop a triple bottom line return proposition to its investors and contributors.